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  • SP-910

    Addition agent for drink

  • SS-8

    Activator for improving physical condition

  • SS-16

    Prevention of viral infection・Immune enhancement agent


There are frequently asked questions from customers.

Q1How to improve those problems/troubles?

One of our main product is「Ceramics」.We combine this ceramics and all kinds of materials, and so it will be able to solve various problems/troubles.

Q2What is “Ceramics”?

Generally, Ceramics means the ceramic industry. (ceramic ware, bricks etc.)Our ceramics uses a choice selection of natural materials, and then firing and manufacturing by our own know-how. They have various kinds of effect and safety products.

Q3What can the ceramics does?

Our ceramics is able to show various kinds of effect by combining materials. As an example, they have adsorption action, resolution action and far-infrared rays action etc. Other than these actions, we have some other effective ceramics and so we are happy to solve problems/troubles you face.

Q4How to use ceramics products?

Our policy places great importance on customer satisfaction, so we will see what we can do about your problems/troubles after hearing. As for directions for use, we will explain how to use at that time, so please do not worry.

Q5What about products safety?

Our products already got poisonous examination, all kinds of permission and public data in the past so that customer can safety use our products.

Ceramic Product and the Usage
Ceramic Products

Ceramic Product and the Usage

Ceramic Powder or Ball with crushed and sintered natural minerals

Liquid cultured and extracted with fulvic acid and humic acid from natural humus(the chemicals are Additive-Free)

New 「Soil Improvement Agent」 and 「Agent for Improving Water Quality」 combined with Natural Minerals (Humus Soil and SERA P)

Special Licenses etc.

  • The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Permission Compatible Products of JAS Law Registration Organic JAS Law Soil Amendments
  • The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Livestock Industry Bureau Feed Manufacture certificate (Law No.35 The Provisions of Article 18) Permitted
  • Japan Analysis Center Conformity of Standard and Criteria for Food Additive Cooking Oil, Implements and Containers Examination of Standard and Criteria (Ceramics)
  • Japan Food Analysis Center Standard and Criteria of Food・Additive etc. Standard and Criteria for Manufacturing of Soft Drinks

 As for the humus acid that becomes the raw materials, the corpse of the animals and plants which deposited millions of years ago saves energy of the light of the sun. It repeats the refinement due to innumerable aerobic bacteria in the underground more for tens of thousands of years. It composes a strong negative electric charge with materials that consists of iodovitamins carboxylic acid, silicon, amino acid, humic acid, fulvic acid and is the organic matter of the electronic receptor molecules which decomposed the humus.In addition, it makes special synthetic effects such as reduction, adsorption, catalytic, far-red action of various ores and it activates more in what it does to various ceramics which quickened the speed of the ion reaction.

 Strong acid-related carboxyl group and trehalose included in the activator have an extremely high hydrophilicity (easy to dissolve in water by making hydrogen bonding between water) and hydrophobicity. They shrink organic macromolecule such as nitric acid state nitrogen which opened molecules, half corruption materials, and the viscous liquid material which bacteria secrete. Then it works on reconstruction and continuation of the function material having activity action which includes effective substances of activator.Of course it acts as an energy source to let various functions (cell activity, inhibition of bacteria, deodorization, the resolution etc.) of the aerobic bacteria , microbe and enzyme have the reconstruction, continuation, activity.


Ceramic Product

Product Name Product Features
Ceramic Ball for filtration Removal of iron, removal of manganese, porousness
Ceramic Ball for filtration Removal of calcium
Ceramic Ball for filtration Deodorization,decolorization
Ceramic Ball for filtration Water cluster, weak alkali, removal of water-bloom 0.06mA
Ceramic Ball for filtration Ceramic Ball for Red-rust prevention & inhibition
Ceramic Ball for antibacterial & sterilization o-157, legionella, prevention
Ceramic Ball for sterilization Escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, legionella, salmonella, and o-157
Ceramic Ball for sterilization Ion exchange・Reduction of OPR by 100〜150mV Prevention of Rust
Ceramic Ball for photocatalysis Decomposition of Organic matter・Antimicrobial Effect
Ceramic Ball including minerals Mineral Dissolution
Ceramic Ball for restoration Oxidation-Reduction Potential
Ceramic Ball for mushroom bed Bacteria
Ceramic Ball with alkaline PH Adjusting Ball
Ceramic Ball with minus ion Emission of Negative Ion・Water Clustersー
Ceramic Ball with far-infrared rays Far-Infrared Rays Emissivity 0.97-12 microns
Ceramic Ball with far-infrared rays Far-Infrared Rays 8-14 microns
Ceramic Ball for chlorine removal Chlorine Adsorption
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