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Ceramic Products

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Farming products of natural materials

-Addition agent for drink-



Deodorization of excreta

About SP-910

「SP-910」 has an effect for changing ammonium nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen to about 85% basify, and so deodorization of excreta is possible.

The way of Using
  • It depends of the water quality, but put 「SP-910」1kg into 100t water.

-Activator for improving physical condition-



Disposal of body wastes

Recovery from fatigue

Promotion for liver function

Growth promotion

About SS-8

 「SS-8」's ingredients are absorbed in the body, and so it is possible to recover digestive organs, circulatory organs and internal organs, activation of cells in the body, so recovery of all kinds of functions is possible. (Promotion for metabolism) 「SS-8」 contains 7 kinds of essential amino acids, 9 kinds of non-essential amino acids, all kids of vitamins and water-soluble minerals, so it is possible to activate with amino acids etc.

 Moreover, feed is osmosis by 「SS-8」, so it possible to quickly absorb multi‐element and improve physical condition.

The way of Using
  • Add 「SS-8」 of 1/3,000〜1/6,000 water amount.

-Prevention of viral infection・
Immune enhancement agent-



Improve living bodies’ constitution

Promotion of Hatching

About SS-16

「SS-16」 has minerals and amino acids, and they help to prevent from becoming and infecting of disease.「SS-16」 has high antibacterial even only add few amount, no harmful side effects and high antibody effect.

Moreover, 「SS-16」 does not break down protein and prevent disease-causing germs from getting into body.

Thus, owing to make high natural healing effect of body itself without using chemicals and increase immune strength, you can expect of reducing a death rate.

The way of Using
  • Add 「SS-16」 of 1/3,000〜1/6,000 water amount.

-Feed Mixture-

GE is ion exchange materials.As a result of chemical analysis, it is organic synthetic minerals unprecedented in the world and has been put to refined practical use.

The strong points of GE
1.Pure Natural
There is no artificial materials nor other impurities are contained.
2.Strong disease resistance by an activation of cells.
There is the effect of against various disease germs because of lack of oxygen.
3.Fulfill a role of sterilize and immunity.
Improve your physical condition and then prevent recur, side effects, aftereffects and the outbreak of parasitic worms from.
4.Deodorization effect
Reduce bad smells of excrement. Also, there is deodorization effects of breeding farms by sprinkle GE.
Usage of GE
(part 1)
Mixture ratio of general feed (%)
No. Object GE General fees
1 chickens 3 97
2 ducks 3 97
3 pigeons 2 98
4 pigs 5 95
5 freshwater fish, goldfish, carps, crucial carps and eels 20 80
(part 2)
Put GE 1kg per 10ℓ water and us after leaving over 20hours. There is no limitation of more than 20hours. You had better use more GE solution water to drink every day life.
GE in the water hasthe effects of adsorption, purification, mineral elution(ion exchange effect) and water improvement.
GE Test Data of chicken-raising feed
 Chickens take in lots of high nutritive value feed and make 1/30 eggs of their weight, so there is heavy burden on chinkens internal organs. Therefore, GE ion exchange effects is neccesary. Ion exchange effect is very useful to improving your health remarkably. Breeding by GE brings you the best result, such as better chicks and high rate of laying eggs.
Morbidity of chickens is extremely low and the 2nd chick's legs became thick and the 3rd chick's became a large-boned.
Moreover, GE prevents becaming bad and changing color of eggs or chicken, and then rare element works well for human cells . As following camparision table shows, GE feed chickens are more active and in very good health. Furthermore, eggshells will not easy to be broken and if you are able to control how to use properly, you will get better result.
Judging from dietetics of modern medical science, one of the reason of adult diseases is put on cholesterol (waste products) by an over intake of yolk.
Especially, feed with antibiotics makes chickens bigger but its terrible harm to human has been proved each countries such as the U.S.A. However, there is nothing to worry about chicken, eggs and chicks that are used GE feed,
Always eating GE breed chickens brings you beauty effect and health improvement.
Camparision table of egg-lying rate
Chiken farm Test Data
Category Wings (number) Weight of the Test biginning (g) Egg-lying (number) Average egg-lying rate (%)
General (123days) 120 1233 6414 43.36
GE 3% addition (123days) 122 1213 7501 48.11
Category Sample feed Sample chickens Breeding management
General (123days) NICHIWA SANGYO CO., LTD. Confidential Seal Adult Chickens Perfect Assorted Feed 『HOPE』
 (Ingrediants amount)
Crude protein 17%
Crude fiber  7%
Crude fat 25%
Crude ash 11%
Use 120 chinckes of Dekalb as a part and do a test. 1 time for breakfast, feed 2 times a day, supply water constantly, intake both feed and water.
GE 3% addition (123days)
Comparison table of death rate
Chiken farm Test Data
Category Wings (number) A number of chickens when Test completed (number) Death rate (number) Death rate (%)
General (123days) 120 115 4.156
GE 3% addition (123days) 122 120 1.696