Oil Activation Sector
  • GP-910

    Water Quality Depurative

  • RS-8

    The Improve of living bodies’ Constitution ・Accelerant of Hatching

  • RS-16

    The Prevention of Viral Infection・Immune Enhancement Agent

  • TG-6

    Food Processing Activation Agent

Agriculture Sector
  • TG-820

    Soil Improvement Agent

  • TW-8

    Growth-promotion agent

Water Activation Sector

    Natural Mineral Water Purification Device

  • WF type/WF-S type

    Water Activation Filter Equipment

  • MF type

    For food manufacture・food processing
    Water Activation Filter Equipment

  • HF type

    For food manufacture・food processing
    Steam Activation Filter Equipment

Circulation and Activation Sector
  • SP-910

    Addition agent for drink

  • SS-8

    Activator for improving physical condition

  • SS-16

    Prevention of viral infection・Immune enhancement agent







Any troubles or requests with your daily work you have such as the following?

◎ People in the food processing and the food service industry business

  • To keep quality’s balance without changing color or quality
  • To prevent mold or bacteria
  • To keep food’s scent
  • To prevent decay or drips of food when it thaws
  • To cut the cost of cooking oil
  • To improve texture, flavor and color of deep-fried food
  • To prevent oil from becoming rancid
  • To keep food fresh during its transportation
  • To provide tasty rice to customers
  • To provide tasty food to customers

◎ People in the water business

  • Need safe drinking water
  • To improve water quality
  • Need breeding water of life
  • Need breeding water of life
  • To send live/fresh fishes etc. with being fresh to customers
  • Troubles with the smell of water
  • To prevent bacteria from breeding
  • Any problems with water

◎ People in the agriculture business (include fields, fruit and flowers)

  • To improve taste of crops
  • To make crops with nice colors
  • To revive uncultivated land
  • Compare to before, crops is getting worse
  • To make disease-resistant crops
  • To make the root of plants
  • Length does not grow long enough
  • To grow crops to make customer satisfaction

Other than those problems, please feel free to contact us!

Technical Proposal・Advice

We utilize our know-how and many years worth of data to innovate original products, facility designs, technical guidance, and technical proposals for solving problems.



We supply and manufacture ceramics containing humic acid prepared for a variety of purposes.



We provide consultation for new businesses from raw material selection and procurement of the product to completion of the product.


Water Purification & Active Minerals

  • Aquatic products
  • Aquaculture
  • Drinking water
  • Removal of red-rust, removal of heavy metals
  • Effluent treatment
  • Filtration for bath & swimming pool
  • Transportation of live fish
  • Maintaining freshness in processed marine products

Soil Amelioration & Active Minerals

  • Active agricultural land
  • Removal of heavy metals & dioxin

Environmental Manipulation

  • Active edible oil
  • Active lubricating oil & cutting oil for industrial use
  • Deodorizing effect
  • Far-infrared effect
  • Dietary supplements
  • Ceramics nutrient feeds for livestock and aquaculture
  • Growth promotion for agricultural products and plants

  • Shapes

    Liquid, powdered, and solid ceramics

  • Merits

    Adsorption, removal, decomposition, complex, elution, emission

  • Efficiency

    Far-infrared rays, bacteria elimination, antibacterial, deodorization, purification, activation, deoxidization